Ethereal Sound Bath

Ancient Tibetan Singing Bowls & Vocal Toning

September 29, 2018


7pm - 8pm



Michael & Jahna Perricone

Great Hall
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This enchanting Sound Bath uniquely gathers the energy of ancient, museum grade Tibetan Singing Bowls (all bowls are between 300-500 years old!) to resonate with the ancient vibrations of the magnificent crystals which make their home in the Mystic Journey Gallery. This experience is one of a kind, powerful and meaningful!

Master Tibetan Singing Bowl artist Michael Perricone, and Mindfulness Facilitator & Vocalist Jahna Perricone, join together to bring you on an amazing journey of mindful vibrations designed to enhance open awareness through sound. They use ancient singing bowls from the Himalayan Region with ethereal vocal harmonies to elevate the spirit.