Handstands & Inversions Workshop

Level: Beginner to Advanced

May 26, 2018




Peppa Pou

Great Hall
$40 the day of. This Workshop is limited to 15 people.
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Shoulder stands, headstands, forearm stands, and handstands!!! This workshop focuses on proper technique and conditioning drills to get you a controlled flow in and out of your invert. We’ll introduce different leg, hip, arm, and hand positions along with various entries and exits.

Inversions don’t need to remain an intimidation!  Conquering blocks within our physical body demand that we conquer blocks in our mental and emotional bodies.  Peppa is an incredible teacher and coach – you’ll be in great hands, whether you’ve never put your head below your knees, or already start each day with a headstand – she’ll inspire you and teach you something new!

Level: Beginner to Advanced (handstand press) 


Peppa is a certified personal trainer, athlete, pole dance instructor, and dancehall queen. In 2006 she taught herself to do headstands which quickly progressed into a desire to master handstands. In March 2010 she decided to share her passion for floor base inverts. Peppa started training with yogis and professional hand balancers to gain knowledge on proper technique, progression and to broaden her knowledge base.

She continues to develop her skills as a trainer in handstands, dancehall, pole fitness, load training, mobility and flexibility. Her other passions are bouldering, ninja warrior, OCR and watching action movies. She’s a Professional Pole Champion, two-time Neo Pole Champion, and holds multiple dancehall queen titles.

Website:          www.poufitness.trainerize.com

Instagram:       @coachpeppa

Facebook:       https://www.facebook.com/DancehallFit