Healing Circle with Reiki and Sound

November 17, 2018


7:30pm - 8:30pm



Karina Gian Atma & Jess Lakin

The Loft

Karina & Jess will be donating 100% of the profits from this event to the Rescue Freedom Project to aid in helping animals effected by the fires.

The Healing Circle is a beautifully rejuvenating gathering, tuning awareness to the flow of energy within our bodies, minds and communities; and to the healing power of vibration.

We begin with gentle movement and breath to open the body, followed by a self healing practice and guided meditation before preparing for deep relaxation and to receive individual Reiki. The sounds of gongs and bowls are intuitively weaved into the session. The sounds compliment and support the flow of Reiki; clearing, releasing and harmonizing energies within and around the body to promote deep relaxation and to activate the body’s innate healing capacities.


Karina Gian Atma is a Master Reiki Healer with a Reiki Practice in Santa Monica. She is also a Kundalini Yoga Teacher & Health Coach with many years of yoga practice and an intuitive understanding of the healing power movement in the body.


Jess Lakin is a Reiki and Sound Healer, Life Coach and Yoga Teacher. She combines Integrative Shakti Reiki with sound vibration, and specializes in particular in playing the gong. An avid student and practitioner of all things sound and resonance, Jess is skillful in creating safe and supportive environments to support liberation.