Lifescapes with Samuel

Everyday tools for being your highest self

November 11, 2018





Lea Shultz

$69 Early Bird / $79 at the door
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At this special event Samuel plans to teach how to:

  • overcome the 5 major blocks to living your best life and the destiny you’re meant to have;
  • use the patterns found in your latent DNA to amplify your energy and others around you; and,
  • prepare for and use the energy coming to the planet now to help create a spiritual revolution!


Samuel began teaching through Lea 34 years ago in a process called “Transformational Channeling”. He works with humanity to help us grow and evolve into higher frequency beings he calls Guardians. With love, humor and great wisdom Samuel speaks on a wide range of topics from activating our latent DNA to creating our day-to-day reality, from communicating better within relationships, to understanding the spiritual nature of the Universe.

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