Mystic Dance

Live with SpencyRay

December 8, 2018






Great Hall & Crystal Gallery

Join us for a sacred journey through the inner spheres of rhythm, vibration and movement. We will begin with a candlelit ritual around one of the magnificent Amethyst Crystals in the Gallery. The afternoon will then flow into a full immersion Mystical Dance Live with SpencyRay in the Great Hall. A sound healing will conclude the experience as we soak in our glorious awakened vibrations. Allow yourself to move into your inner sacred space and give your higher-self this love.

Spency is a Grammy nominated music producer, multi-instrumentalist & vocalist. TracyRay is an ordained minister in the healing arts, using spoken word & crystal bowls. Together they are holders of magic and ancient wisdom. Their music unveils powerful messages that lead the participants on a Cosmic journey. Discover what unfolds, all you have to do is believe.