Ashley Rivadeneira


As a child, Ashley was slated for a career in dance, but during the last year of high school was derailed by a freak accident. Following the more traditional path of attending University, she graduated unsatisfied and definitely unfulfilled. Sports Science as her backdrop, she naturally found herself in the personal training arena. Here, she had consistent work, but no real depth, so was intuitively drawn to check out the new yoga “trend” she found herself surrounded by. Ashley’s spectacular transformation began!

Becoming vulnerable to the practice, Yoga not only transformed the body and its capacities, but it also cracked open her heart, and expanded her awareness.  

With the support of Dan WardDog Santa Monica, Ashley practiced and taught yoga for several years before she once again felt the call to dive even deeper, to expand even more and to be of even greater service to the Whole. Opening herself up to the possibilities, the Kundalini world was discovered and opened up to her through Bhakti Yoga Shala and Gurujas Khalsa. From that point on, Kundalini is where Ashley set her spiritual anchor. Kundalini is like a black salve, as it draws out the darkness, exposing our shadows - the physical and emotional pains - so that the light may shine brighter and healing can occur. It’s a journey, no doubt, but well worth it, and one that Ashley deeply yearns for others to experience. Like all spiritual journeys, it takes time to change our programming – those habits of thinking and doing, and our habits of response. May we all want to live in a state of joy, unconditional love, and peace!  Sat Nam

Yoga & Meditation
Kundalini Yoga & Meditation


Ashley Rivadeneira

Join Ashley in a 75min class that cultivates the relationship between the finite sense of the self and the Infinite sense of the Self.